About Quicken Cloud Hosting

Quicken is one of the top accounting applications available in the market for accounting firms, CPAs and small company proprietors. Quicken’s hosting service allows you to make use of the power of the cloud to get remote access to the desktop Quicken applications that you are familiar with. At Cirrus Cloud, we have devoted a reliable and secure Quicken cloud hosting. We use innovative technological and methods to ensure the properly secured hosting for your important information. We provide the best environment for your Quicken software with a completely computerized backup system which is serviced through Microsoft, Red Hat Certified and other technology professionals. A LOOK AT THE CIRRUS CLOUD QUICKEN HOSTING Quicken is the best accounting software and is affordable. Our Quicken hosting application is available at anytime, anywhere accessibility to our terminal server. All your Quicken data will be safe and available.




Below are some of the benefits of using this hosting solution.

Rapid Support

Our experienced technicians have what it takes to fix small too complex issues on your Office 365 software.

Optimum Security

Data protection is our top priority. We have the most innovative security protocols and techniques in place to keep your information properly secured.

Reliability Assured

Our innovative servers are located in secured data centers and we make sure that data centers are always up; so, your company operates uninterrupted.

Free Data Backup

Our standard information back-up methods, are to make sure crucial and daily information are backed up.

File Tax Returns Quickly

We provide excellent, lightning fast servers that allow your group to work in a friendly multi-user environment.

Hassle-free Experience

Data back-up's, handling, maintaining components, and assistance are the obligations of our team; so you can focus on your business.

You Ask, We Answer

What is Quicken Hosting?

»Quicken cloud hosting allows you to access your data files from any location within the world with an online affiliation and compatible devices.

How does your server work?

» We use the best professional approach to deliver the best services to our clients. With our hosting solution, you will get an icon called RDC (remote desktop connection) which gives you, our cloud server interface by just a single click.

What technology do you use for hosting?

» We use a Microsoft terminal service to launch the cloud server and access data from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

How do we price our Cloud Hosting?

» Our pricing depends upon the plan you choose and the number of users. The more users the more cost efficient.