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About Lacerte® Cloud Hosting

All companies are approaching a single method to get all their taxation queries resolved. All the data that is needed should be available at one place so that it can be used at anytime, at anyplace. The developers have created cloud computing which can keep all the data in one place and make it accessible to single or multiple users with the click of a button. It is cost effective and secure to help you function smoothly. Lacerte Hosting Advantages:

It has brought a revolution in the world of traditional hard drives which are now replaced by solid state drives. It helps in using less power and reduces cost thereby increasing the efficiency and credibility. Lacerte Hosting can work in high temperatures which make it easy for the cooling solutions as less power is needed for such activities.

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Lacerte Hosting is a service provided via cloud computing where all your tax requirements are met. Hosting would mean you are the focal point of contact and every request would be routed to you.

You would need Lacerte Hosting to be active for the entire day and this can make it vulnerable to many environments. But the companies hosting Lacerte ensure that the data you work on is secured in all aspects. The cloud computing industry is constantly finding new avenues where it can reduce the cost and increase efficiency for their clients and users.


Below are some of the benefits of using this hosting solution

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Anywhere Access

Cloud computing helps you stay mobile and access the data whenever necessary, from a single source making it completely secure.

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Multiple Users

It has a multiple user access system which helps multiple users to work at the same time.

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The best part is it's flexible, therefore it can be configured in the cloud or on-premise.

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Easy to Use

It has a great interface and can be integrated with common applications used on a regular basis for complete flexibility.

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Improve Efficiency

The most important part is that it improves the efficiency at which you work.

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Back up

It automatically back's up secure data.

One Pricing, No Hidden cost

At Cirrus Cloud Services LLC, we have faith in giving our customers more incentive for cash and that is the reason we offer the least expensive facilitating arrangement which can fit in like a glove in even the constrained spending plans of our customers. What's more, we likewise offer free Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word facilitating with our bundles with no extra charges. Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for the least expensive QuickBooks facilitating supplier that offers the most powerful cloud facilitating administrations, at that point you are at the opportune place.

$24.99 User/month

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You Ask, We Answer

What is Lacerte Hosting?

»The ability to access information and apps from anyplace provides remote access. Cirrus Cloud Services provides Lacerte tax hosting.

How does your server work?

» We use the best professional approach to deliver the best services to our clients. With our hosting solution, you will get an icon called RDC (remote desktop connection) which gives you, our cloud server interface by just a single click.

What technology do you use for hosting?

» We use a Microsoft terminal service to launch the cloud server and access data from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

How do we price our Cloud Hosting?

» Our pricing depends upon the plan you choose and the number of users. The more users the more cost efficient.