Application server security and cloud data security

Let us put some light on the application server security and cloud data security!

Application server security and cloud data security are the two most important factors that determine the true potential of web applications ran by a company. A guaranteed application server security and cloud data security ensures guaranteed success of the web applications and data offered.

Why is the application server security important?

The application server helps with the creation of various web applications and the role played by an application server is crucial. It offers the proper server environment for running these web applications. Dynamic pages are constructed with the help of an application server and play a major role in the web applications. The security options provided for the application server are the best security options. We provide application server and cloud data security.


    ☛ Maintain separate internal & external application servers – Separate servers for internal users and external users helps restrict the access of internal application servers via an external application.

    ☛ Maintain separate servers for testing and debugging – This helps in reducing the security vulnerabilities and limits the malfunctioning of user accessible applications.

    ☛ Audit activities and store logs safely – Audit the server activities frequently and store the activity logs safely with techniques like digital signature & encryption.

    ☛ Motivate developers to adapt secure coding practices – Codes should be developed in such a way that, they do not circumvent any security mechanisms. Also train developers for avoiding scenarios like overflow attacks, process isolation etc.

    ☛ Patch up web servers - Heavy tasks in hand should not distract administrators from patching up web servers. Patch ups help in ensuring long time security.

    ☛ Use application scanners – This prevents exploitable codes from slipping into the production environment.

    WHY EMPHASIS ON CLOUD DATA AND APPLICATION SERVER SECURITY? Most of the data shared by your clients are confidential. Leaks of this important data will cause loss of clients trust. Loss of even one client’s trust will make the business lose respectability. Data security is the biggest priority along with application server security.


    ☛ Cloud offers powerful security options to the data entrusted on you by your clients! Cloud being the up to date technology has immense security features that keeps the confidentiality of the data shared to you by your clients safe from hackers. Cloud provides security via access control and encryption options.

    ☛Encryption : It is a process which the original data will be transformed into an encrypted data. Only a person having the valid key will be able to decrypt the data and read the message.

    ☛Access control : Access control makes sure that only the right people access the data and no others via the utilization of several state of the art technology programs.