About ACT Cloud Hosting

ACT hosting solutions makes the strongest and most popular contact and client management software better. Along with offering you maintenance and assistance for all the ACT questions and issues, the solution will offer training and consulting solutions with the best ACT experts accessible. ACT will keep you organized and maintain client relationships. The moment the client communicates with you, at anytime you will be ready with the history of calls and emails which can be seen instantly. You will receive the bigger picture with the sales pipeline for monitoring and maintain a competitive edge. Created with a broad user input, the ACT hosting will help deliver enhancements and functionality that will help you maximize your time, prioritize intelligently, be informed and prepare for marketing and selling.



Below are some of the benefits of using this hosting solution.


It will help you work with the most updated office products.

Streamline Workflow

It will help in streamlining the workflow and will help you in identifying email receipts.


The best part is it's flexible, therefore it can be configured in the cloud or on-premise.


Scan for duplicates both in the cloud and web.

Increased Productivity

Our multi-user accessibility helps your users to access the same file from anywhere, at anytime.

Import Export Feature

You can Import/ Export your existing database.

You Ask, We Answer

What is ACT Hosting?

» Get Your ACT software on Cloud. Cirrus Cloud Hosting is one of the advanced ACT hosting service suppliers within the market of application hosting. Our panel of committed ACT customer relationship management software specialists and network engineers keep users connected with no geographical restriction.

How does your server work?

» We use the best professional approach to deliver the best services to our clients. With our hosting solution, you will get an icon called RDC (remote desktop connection) which gives you, our cloud server interface by just a single click.

What technology do you use for hosting?

» We use a Microsoft terminal service to launch the cloud server and access data from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

How do we price our Cloud Hosting?

» Our pricing depends upon the plan you choose and the number of users. The more users the more cost efficient.